Company Overview

Long before the world realized about new media, Raag Info-Tech eyesight continues to be to link individuals from round the planet who have similar goals in accordance,

I.e. to increase their business associations within and across European markets.

Through information systems, these connections weren’t identified in the early years.

Connections were, and still are, proven by producing and building, and by powerful personalities sharing the same spirit special cross border enterprise designs.

We’re very happy of our tale, it tells of a business that has been a leader in shaping suggestions and feelings. This company background now enables us to develop our bridges on a basis that is robust, although never losing focus on our core values that are traditional.

 Why Offshore?

Wealth Preservation is the new title of the sport, safeguard your financial future using the worlds strongest regulations.

We perform with the jurisdictions providing the financial institutions on the planet and trust regulations that safeguard assets from almost something, the most business privacy.

 How We Do It

Whether you’re seeking an off-shore business development decrease your taxation load or to safeguard your assets, RAAGIT assists you set up the business framework that is the most well-liked to make sure lawsuit defense, tax savings and privacy.

RAAGIT will assist you utilizing them for your advantage since off-shore jurisdictions have various legal techniques. You will find also a number of off-shore working formalities connected with every type of jurisdiction which you may not be familiar with but RAAGIT understands its way around.

We are in a position to provide custom-made solutions to our customers and have acquired years of off-shore banking expertise. We also handle  nominee and secretarial services.

We offer full package of services – establishing new company or offering shelf (ready – made) company, accounting services, annual reports, legal addresses, e-mails on global web servers.

RaagIT is committed to the sucess of our clients by being the world class supplier of productivity solutions and innovative enterprise solutions to the worldwide market.


  • Number one in customer trust
  • Number one in market share
  • A company where successful people want to work
  • Best-in-class products and services
  • Financial performance to fund the solutions our customers require and provide the return our shareholders expect


  • Achievement
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Open communication
  • Ownership and accountability
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Ruchi is a results-oriented finance professional with over 12 years of experience in global incorporations. She has a proven track record in complex and capital-intensive global industries, delivering value and innovation in Finance, Strategy, and Corporate Planning.

Ruchi Rathor
CEO & President, Raag Infotech Ltd

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